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Shark Tank

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The Audition

We were always HUGE fans of the show, even before our Beard Bib invention. As soon as we solidified our product we knew we wanted to be in the Tank.

After doing some research, there just so happened to be an open call in 2 weeks in our hometown of Miami.

January 15th, 2015, 5:00am: we arrived and waited, outside the Miami Beach Convention for the doors to open. Seeing thousands of entrepreneurs that drove from all around the East coast, it was such an exciting and incredible feeling. We made sure to stand out from the crowd by wearing a branded BEARD KING Cape and giant beard!

After waiting 7 hours in the lines we finally made it to the pitching booths.

“During the process you were never guaranteed anything which was the most nerve wracking part.”

- Nicholas Galekovic, Co-founder of BEARD KING

The Process

After pitching, they said “we will call you if you make it to the next round”. Waiting a few weeks to hear back, and we finally got the call. We were selected to continue on a vigorous process to come, with hopes of getting the chance to film.

During the process you were never guaranteed anything which was the most nerve wracking part. We were under great suspense waiting to hear if you made it to the next round.

How was the filming experience?

On average, most entrepreneurs are actually in the tank between 45min to an hour and the segment is cut down to around 8 minutes. The most awkward part is the “Stare Down”. It’s a surreal moment when your standing in front of 5 complete strangers in silence that you know from TV but never met.

Leading up to the actual filming and just waiting to step into the tank was the most nerve wracking part. Once you're in the room and pitching to the Sharks the nerves turn into an adrenaline rush as you settle in your focused zone. It's the best feeling in the world to live in that moment yet stay focused on the pitch.

Although we had impressive sales in just 8 months of business, the Sharks began dropping out. Lori was the only Shark left and I knew we had to do something. Mid-sentence I cut Lori off, and said "Before you go out, would you make us an offer?" That move completely turned the table and the rest is history!

The Airing Experience?

The airing was also a very nerve wracking moment because you have no clue on how the segment is edited. You can only hope they show you at your best.

The most ironic part of this entire journey was after auditioning (January 15, 2015) and walking back to our car, we found a penny on the street. We laughed and said we found a “lucky penny”.

So we kept it, taped it to a sticky note, and wrote the date, “January 15th 2015.” We are not one to believe in superstitions, but what a coincidence, we finally got the call! Airdate for Beard King - January 15, 2016!

The Aftermath

Immediately during the airing of the segment, our website traffic exploded. Thanks to having a great website platform called Shopify, we had no issues handling the volume. The sales begin to ring in immediately. Within a day sales grew by 400%.

The beautiful thing about TV is nowadays is most people watch it on demand and not always live. Therefore there was a 45-60 day lingering effect it had on sales as people would watch it on DVR, Hulu, or even Apple TV weeks after the original air date.

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