It takes years of effort to build a brand, but only moments to destroy it. These branding guidelines are a reference for all administrators, staff, and affiliates who need to understand the philosophy of our Brand.



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main - Reversed

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Secondary - Reversed

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Logos usage guide

  • Only use the “Main” logo over white or light backgrounds.
  • Only use the “Main - Reversed” white logo over black or darker backgrounds.
  • Use “Secondary” logo when size is limited. For example social media profile images.
  • Use “Secondary - Reveresed” white logo over black or darker backgrounds.
  • If you need help contact:

Color Palette

BEARD KING keeps a consistenet monochromatic color pallette with a hint of grey tones.





Lighter Grey


Light Grey


Dark Grey


In Writing

Beard King

The name should always be capitalized and two seprate words. *Only use “BeardKing” when hashtaging #BeardKing


Beard King

beard king

Beard Kings

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