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Beard Smells Bad? How to Get Rid of Dirty Beard Smells

Man with dirty beard looking to neutralize beard smell

Ever been minding your own business when you suddenly notice a funky aroma? You look around trying to figure out what it is, but everything smells kinda like cheese? Well, sorry to break it to you, chances are it might be what’s under your nose: your beard. If your facial hair seems to be emitting some strange odors, then do we have some tips for you! Read on to see how to keep a foul smelling beard in check.

Why does my beard smell bad?

The actual hair of the beard isn’t the culprit for what you’ve been smelling. It’s what’s happening around it that creates the foul smell. 

The problems:

  • Sweat and oils from your skin can build up underneath. A beard can absorb smells of smoke, alcohol, perfume, and pollution. 
  • Touching your beard adds dirt and oils from your hands.
  • Heartily enjoying a meal can leave food debris in your beard. 

The solutions:

  • Using a deep cleaning beard cleanser like our Beard & Body Wash will remove built up dirt and grime, leaving behind only the good smells.
  • Avoiding unnecessary touching, such as thoughtfully stroking it to try and look deep, will keep your beard free from additional dirt throughout the day.
  • Keeping it trimmed neatly around your mouth can help avoid foods, drinks, and saliva from entering your beard and mustache. Make the manscaping hassle-free with these beard grooming tools.

Let’s look a little deeper into some of the issues and fixes for all things beard-cleanliness-and-stank related. 

Man with strange beard smells

Is a beard dirtier than a toilet seat?

The idea of finding bacteria in your beard definitely seems gross. However, when you realize that those bacteria are also probably living on the chins of the clean shaven, and that not all of the bacteria is bad, it doesn't seem so scary after all.

What is the best way to clean facial hair?

To keep your facial fuzz looking its best, avoid using shampoo designed for the hair on your scalp because it’s formulated for different skin and hair types. Specially formulated beard shampoo and conditioners will keep it looking and feeling healthy. The best part about washing your beard regularly? Washing and conditioning the hairs makes them less prone to breaking, making your beard look fuller and longer. In other words, keeping your beard clean will help it grow!

Tip: Use a wide-toothed comb after washing for a smooth and natural look. You can even apply beard and mustache wax before combing to help style your fuzz.

How do I keep my skin clean under my beard?

Giving your beard a deep cleaning once a week with an exfoliator will help the skin underneath stay healthy and clean. Look for one with chemical exfoliators for the most effective exfoliation. This is because chemical exfoliators (like acids or enzymes) can reach the skin better than physical exfoliators (like sugar or sea salt) that get caught up in the hair. 

Tip: Routinely visiting a barber every other month can keep your beard looking its best. A hot towel service to go with your trim will soften the skin, open up the pores for cleansing, and smooth out the hair.

How do I keep my beard smelling fresh?

Nasty odors can build up in your beard every day as a result of living life to the fullest. Remove bad odors from your facial hair by washing it at least once a day. Conditioning your beard will keep it hydrated and soft. Using a balm or oil will keep it looking in tip-tip condition, smelling great, and feeling soft.

Should you use scented beard oil everyday?

Using a beard oil after you wash will help restore the good oils lost through washing and give your beard the hydration it needs to look its best. Choose a beard oil composed of essential oils for the face, it will be better for your skin by not clogging the pores with synthetics. Plus, the natural smells of a scented beard oil will be less overpowering than manufactured scents.

Now that you’re armed with the secrets to a gloriously fragrant beard, King, you can go forth and rule the day. 

Contributing Writer: Primrose Tricker-O'Dell

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