Top 5 Father's Day Bathroom Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is June 18 2017 and if you’re like most you usually struggle to think of the perfect Father’s Day gift ideas. To make your life easier we curated a short list of the Top 5 Father’s Day Bathroom Gift Ideas.

1. Beard Bib by BEARD KING 

Do you dread the task of cleaning up after grooming your facial hair? Fear no more, Beard Bib™ by BEARD KING is the only men's grooming tool that reduces manual cleanup and allows for an easy disposal.


2. PiperWai Natural Deodorant

PiperWai is a charcoal crème deodorant created with no harmful ingredients leaving you at ease with what's on your body. Its 100% natural ingredients form an invisible absorbent pH-balanced shield on your underarms that neutralizes odor and protects your clothes from perspiration.



3. Squatty Potty

The Squatty Potty helps you to eliminate faster and more complete by putting your body into a natural squatting position over your own toilet. 


4. Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes Singles are perfect for travel and TSA approved butt you should never really leave home without them. Use them on your face pits and other dude regions too.


5. Illumibowl

IllumiBowl Toilet Light is light-sensitive so it will only turn on in the dark and motion-activated so it will only light up when you walk into the bathroom at night.


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