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The Reason Your Beard Is Red When Your Hair Isn’t

The Reason Your Beard Is Red When Your Hair Isn’t

Beards are all the rave these days.  At BEARD KING, we don’t believe facial fuzz is just a short-lived trend, though. It’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s neatly trimmed and kept close to the face or a burly mane that hugs the jawline like a warm scarf, beards are here to stay.

In a way, beards are like a beautiful, prickly rainbow. They come in many colors—brown, black, grey—you name it. If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed a “hair growth phenomenon” of sorts. Some men have been sporting red-hued whiskers that defy the natural color on their gorgeous, little heads.

While this ginger mystery may have left some of you scratching your heads, there is some good news. Science has an answer to this follicular marvel. And we must admit, the answer is pretty fascinating yet complicated at the same time.


What Science Tells Us

Researchers say that having red hair itself is caused by a mutation referred to as the MC1R gene. Having two mutated genes gives someone all red hair. However, having just one of those genes can give a person red hair in unexpected places—such as the upper lip, chin or jawline. So even if a gene that signals brown hair is dominant in your family, another gene for red hair may still be present in your genetic code.

"The genes that determine hair color are so-called 'incomplete dominant hereditary traits.'

This means that there isn't one single gene that's dominant over the rest, but all genes influence each other," Petra Haak-Bloem, a genetics and hereditary traits specialist for Erfocentrum told Motherboard.

So just because your father, uncle or grandfather rocked a dark-colored beard that matched the hair on their head, this doesn’t mean you will, too. Genetics are at play on a variety of different levels.

“We often associate red hair with someone who has ancestors from Ireland, or other areas where red hair is common. In order to have red hair, you need two copies of the gene that produces it,” stated David Wolfe, a health expert. “If mom or dad carry the gene, a guy can easily end up with some red hair in his beard.”


A Final Note

Genetics can no doubt be a little tricky. One thing is for sure--and that is that you can’t change your genes. So if you’re like many men who have red facial hair but rock a totally differently color on your head, we say do it with pride! While you’re at it, keep that ginger beard looking like royalty with the amazing product line from BEARD KING.


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