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The Extreme Beard Trimming Guide for Beginners

The Extreme Beard Trimming Guide for Beginners

Hate to be the first to tell you this, but beard trimming is hard. In your first couple of tries you might accidentally take away a lot of your progress. With that said, that doesn’t mean that beard trimming is impossible. In this beard trimming guide, we are giving you everything you need to shape the perfect beard without losing your progress. Let’s get trimming!

When to Trim Your Beard

When growing a beard for the first time, the golden rule is to wait at least a month, possibly more, before trying to trim it. At this stage, you’ll hopefully have enough hair on your face to make people turn heads at your new beard. At this point, you shouldn’t be trying to take away length off of your beard, otherwise, you’re not winning a beard-growing competition anytime soon. What you are going to be doing is trimming in lines to define your beard shape, so it doesn’t look like a blob growing off your face.   

How to Shape Your Beard 

There are three major lines on your face that you should pay attention to when you are trimming your beard. For this you’re going to need a beard trimmer, like the Arkam Beard Trimmer, that is precise and easy to use. When you're trimming, remember to take your time. One stroke can make a huge difference, so here are the three lines on your face you should watch to get your beard to the shape you want it to be. 

Cheek Line 

  • This line should connect from your sideburn to the top of your mustache. You want to keep this line as high as naturally possible, so you don’t have a chin strap. Please, don’t try to bring back the chin strap! When trimming, you want to trim away rogue hairs that grow higher than the rest of your beard. 

Back Line 

  • Your back line will vary depending on what kind of beard style you want. For the basics, this line runs off the back of the sideburn straight down to the bottom of your beard. When you reach the corner, it’s up to you if you want to go for a round or square beard shape. When doing a back line, it might be easier to have a second mirror to make it easier to see what way your trimmer is going. 

Neck Line 

  • You don’t want to trim your beard to your jawline. Again, for the people in the back, you don’t want to trim your beard to your jawline. If you want to impress your friends with how long your beard is, you don’t want to trim it to your jawline because it will look shrunken down on your face. For any length, the best recommendation is to trim your beard up to where your head connects to your neck. This is about right above your Adam's apple. The additional hairs on your neck will create the foundation for your beard. As those hairs grow out they’ll give you that full beard look that you’re hoping for. 
Man trimming his beard

Tools For Trimming Your Beard

So, you now know the lines you need to focus on when trimming your beard. Do you know the tools? If not, don’t worry, we have recommendations for some tools that will make it easier for you to trim your beard. 


  • Yeah, we know this is an obvious one. When looking for trimmers you want ones that are water-resistant and accurate. The Arkam Beard Trimmer is perfect for just that as it comes with different sizes of detail guards for you to get the perfect trim.  


  • When looking to see if you have stray hairs on your face, a comb can make it easier to see what you should be trimming. Do you know what’s even better? A comb that you can take on the go and doubles as a cardholder. The Arkam Cardholder and Beard Comb is the perfect wallet replacement. It’s easy to carry all of your important cards and cash while having a comb to make sure your beard is looking good on a night on the town. 

Grooming Cape

  • This one might seem a little strange, but hear us out for a second. A grooming cape, like The Beard Bib Grooming Cape from Beard King, is perfect for first-time beard trimmers. It’s the ultimate cape that goes around your neck that can catch your trimmings before they end up all over the bathroom sink. Your roommates will thank you and you won’t have much to clean up to worry about when you finish trimming. 

How Often You Should Trim Your Beard 

Once you have created the shape you want in your beard, then it is all about maintaining it. How often you trim your beard depends on how you want your beard to look. If you want your beard to be short or tight, then two weeks of growth is going to make a big difference. Whereas, if you want a medium to long length beard, you won’t notice a difference after two weeks. At the end of the day, it is up to you. Use your judgment when you start to notice hairs out of place and need to pull the good old trimmers out for a touch-up. 

Trimming your beard for the first time can seem intimidating, but like everyone says, “Practice makes perfect.” If you make a mistake, take a step away and come back to it later when you are composed. From this beard trimming guide, you have everything you need to start trimming that hedge on your face and make it look like a nicely shaped beard to impress your friends and family. 

Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins 

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