Nose Hair: Do You Need It?

For many men, nose hairs are a fact of life. Well, for all men actually, but how wild and erratic those hairs are will vary. Nose hairs can be unsightly, bothersome, even itchy. In fact, it’s not uncommon to wonder: do we even need these things at all?

We at BEARD KING decided it was time to discover the answer to that burning question.


It Serves A Purpose

Believe it or not, nose hair actually serves a purpose beyond causing embarrassment. The hairs act as a natural filter for dirt, bacteria, and allergens within your environment. The nose is the primary method of taking in oxygen (which is, you know, important), and the body needs a way to keep the bad stuff out.

"The hairs act as a natural filter for dirt, bacteria, and allergens within your environment. "

Your nose hairs actually act like a strainer, of sorts. In fact, according to medical studies, people with less nose hair are far more likely to suffer from allergies or asthma. So your shaggy nose is actually helping to keep you healthy!


Okay but what if it’s Unsightly?

In a world of ever-changing fashion, one of the few constants has been that we don’t like unsightly nose hair. You may be tempted to pluck them, but you should try and curtail that impulse. Plucking nose hairs is not only the quickest way to make your eyes water, it can also lead to infection.

Managing your nose hair is a snap with a small pair of scissors, or even an electric trimmer. This helps keep the hairs at a manageable length, while leaving them most intact to do the job that nature intended them to do.

BEARD KING knows that there’s no point spending time on that beautiful mane of yours, if you’re going to have spare whiskers spilling out. The worst thing that can happen is not knowing where your nose hairs end, and your mustache begins.

Keep on top of it! The next time you’re sculpting that beautiful beard, grab a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer and give your nose hairs a quick minute of your time. If you do this while your beard bib is out, cleanup is simple.

Stay on top of it!


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