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Finding the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Man's faced being measured by dotted lines

When trimming your beard, it’s not as simple as you might think. Sure, you could pull out the beard trimming gift set your mom bought you for your birthday and start hacking away. The thing is you might not be highlighting your face as best as you could with a beard style that fits your face shape. Here we’re going to provide you with everything you need to know to shape an awesome looking beard to impress people past “No Shave November.” Let's get into it! 

The Basics of Face Shapes

Before getting into the trimming, we need to address the different types of face shapes as there are six in total. Every face is unique, but there are common categories that all faces fall under. This will help you to discover what beard shapes work best for your face structure. To find what structure your face fits in, all you’re going to need is a tape measure and a pen and paper to write your measurements down.  


Beard Measurements

The following measurements will help you to find your personal face shape:

Forehead: Measure from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the other eyebrow arch across the face. 

Cheekbones: Find the pointiest part of your cheekbones, which would be just below the outer corner of your eyes. Measure across your face from one point to the other.

Jawline: Measure from the tip of your chin to the point where the jaw angles upward, which should be just below the eye on one side of your face. Multiply that number by two to get your full jaw measurement. 

Face Length: Take your tape measure and place it from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin to find your full face length. 

After taking your measurements of your face shape, note which is the largest of the four. Then compare your measurements to the six main face shapes to see where you fall and what beards will look best for your shape. 


Six Main Face Shapes 

Six Main Face Shapes

Square Face Shape  

  • The angle of the jaw is sharp instead of rounded and your other measurements should be fairly similar. In whatever beard you choose, it should draw attention to your jawline and cheekbones. We recommend you should have a short beard and focus on your chin. 
  • Best Beard Styles for Square: Goatee, petite goatee, royale beard, and circle beard. 

Square Head Shape Beard Styles


Oval Face Shape

  • An oval face shape features a face length that is greater than the width of the cheekbones and jawline. The jaw is rounded. Lucky for you, this face shape can accommodate any beard style you desire. Even though you have endless options there are some that work particularly well with oval face shapes. 
  • Best Beard Styles for Oval: Chevron, horseshoe mustache, and 3-day stubble beard. 

 Oval Head Shape Beard Styles


Rectangular Face Shape

  • Your face length is the greatest measurement. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are generally going to be similar sizes. When looking at different face shapes, you should pick shapes that add definition to your jawline and cheekbones. We recommend you pick beard shapes that are short on top and long on the bottom to bring focus to your face structure. 
  • Best Beard Styles for Rectangular: chin strap beards, classic mutton chops, or any style that draws attention to the bottom of your face. 

 Rectangle Head Shape Beard Styles

Round Face Shape 

  • Cheekbones and the face length are going to be similar measurements. As well as, the forehead and jawline will have similar measurements. The cheekbones and face length will be bigger than the other two. The angle of the jaw is soft and much less defined. With the round face, there might not be a lot of defined angles. We recommend that you should pick beard shapes that create angles out of nothing. 
  • Best Beard Styles for Round: Short boxed beard, Van Dyke beard, or an anchor beard.  

Round Head Shape Beard Styles


Heart Face Shape

  • The forehead is going to measure greater than the cheekbones and jawline and the chin is going to come to a point. Focus on accentuating features that you’re trying to balance out. 
  • Best Beard Styles for Heart: Full beards 

Square Head Shape Beard Styles


Diamond Face Shape 

  • The chin is going to come to a point as your face length measurement should be the longest. Full beards will give your chin a rounded look, so it is best to have a longer beard. 
  • Best Beard Styles for Diamond: Garibaldi, Verdi, or classic full beards
Diamond Head Shape Beard Styles 

How to Shape Your Beard 

After deciding what beard style you want to go for, it’s time to pull out the beard trimmer. When trimming, it’s best to use a beard trimmer and/or scissors to help you create defined lines on your face. Before doing any cutting, you should comb out your beard with a fine-toothed comb to give you a better sense of your length. It might be nice to have a beard grooming cape, so then you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after trimming. Now, we are going to get into the main areas you need to hit to define your new beard style: 


A bad neckline can ruin the whole look of your beard. We are going to avoid that by making sure that we properly define the line. Determine the height and depth you want for your neckline. This is going to depend on your personal preference, but here are two methods to use to find the line you desire: 

  • Two Fingers Method: Stack your middle and index fingers above your Adam’s apple. Just above where your top finger is sitting is where your neckline should be. When doing this method keep in mind that finger width varies from person to person, so you may only have to use one finger to find your neckline.
  • Double Chin Method: Create a double chin by tilting your chin downward. This will make a natural fold that will determine your neckline. You will then trim everything below that line. 

Cheek Line 

After defining your neckline, it’s time to get to the cheek line to give you a professional-looking beard. Avoid trimming your cheek line too low. Go into cutting knowing what you want, so then you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Work your way down from the highest point of your cheek line and remove any stray hairs. When working on your cheek line, go slow to avoid making a misstep in your trimming.  


An important distinction is that your neckline and jawline are not the same. If you trim your jawline too short, it is going to create the appearance of a shrunken beard that’s too small for your face. When trimming, define the strong angles of your beard while making sure that it accentuates the angle of your jaw near your ears. Go for a shorter fade on your neck to enhance your look. Your goal is to create more weight in the right areas to give your jawline a chiseled look. 

Wrap Up

Now you have everything you need to find the right beard style for your face shape. Everyone is going to be impressed with your beard from trimming it yourself. To keep your beard looking good longer, you can always use a beard straightener to flatten out any frizzy hair. When trimming you can always use a beard guide to know exactly where you need to trim to get the beard style you want whether that be long or short. Happy trimming! 

Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins

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