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Badass Holiday Gifts for Men With Beards

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Having a beard is not just a style choice. It’s a way of life. Only those with beards understand how powerful it truly is. So, for us non-bearded folks, how do we truly understand the art of beard styles and beard styling? The mastery of the manscape? 

Luckily for the clean-shaven shoppers out there, we here at Beard King have heard the voices of those who grow hair everywhere - and we’ve compiled everything those with beards have said they need to keep their face fuzz fresh. From beard wash to beard straighteners, and everything in between. 

We’ve even got the skivvy on the best gift sets for men with beards if you’re feeling stumped this holiday season! No matter what style your bearded compatriot is rocking, we’ve got the kit that will leave them happy with their holiday hair!

Let’s get started with a breakdown of the basics - what do guys want as a gift that will help them keep their beard in tip top shape? Let’s find out!

What Can I Buy a Man With a Beard?

Well, the most helpful gifts for men with beards are, of course, grooming tools! A lot of men incorporate beard care in their men’s skincare routine, but don’t always have the right tools. So what better way to show them you care about them (and their facial hair) than by giving them what they need to be at their best?

That’s why when thinking about gifts for men with beards, we gotta start with the right grooming aids and products!

What Grooming Products Do Men Need?

  • A beard trimmerIn order to master the art of beard grooming, you need to start with the foundational tools! This beard trimmer package in particular has everything a person needs to take their beard from zero to hero - a water-resistant beard trimmer, 1, 2 & 3mm detail guards, stay-sharp titanium blades, a cover, oil, and a cleaning brush. 

  • Beard scrub. One of the single most important tools in any beard growth kit, yet so often overlooked! Beard scrub exfoliates the skin, removing trapped dead skin cells and clogged oil glands to prevent ingrown hairs. 

  • Beard oil. Great for short beards and long beards alike, unscented or scented beard oil belongs in any gift sets for men. By applying it a few times a week, this oil helps to soften facial hair as well as the skin underneath, making it more smooth and less itchy. 

  • Beard wash. Let’s face it (get it? haha): beards get dirty, especially for those with a regularly sweaty face. That’s why using a wash is pivotal for anyone looking to stay hygienic! This product is especially useful because it also acts as a body wash, saving your bearded pal time and cash! It cleanses facial hair without stripping away its natural oils, and reduces skin dryness. 

  • A beard comb. Having a steel beard comb around eliminates the potential for a facial hair faux-pas, no matter where you are. This one is a perfect travel gift for men on the go who need their beard in tip-top condition: the case also acts as a card holder with a money clip that can hold between 5-7 debit cards, plus an elastic band and an ID holder. Talk about the ultimate wallet! 

  • Beard moisturizer. Beard moisturizer helps keep facial hair super healthy and protected from the outside elements that dry it out. Plus, it leaves your beard with a good smell! Have your bearded friend use it daily for the best results! 

  • Styling balm. This is best for those with long or medium beard styles that need a little help with maintaining shape. Think of it as a pomade for your face - you want your beard as styled as your hair!

  • A beard straightener. This is the finishing touch to add to any men’s grooming kit. This amazing grooming tool smoothes unruly beards in 1 time-saving stroke without scalding their facial hair to oblivion. This one comes with a premium travel case and a beard comb!

  • A grooming cape. Also known as a beard bib, this is truly the greatest invention since the wheel. Your friend will thank you for possibly the rest of their life for the amount of time you saved them by getting them a bib that catches all of their beard hair before it hits the drain! 

  • Alright, that was a lot...but what about those of us who don’t have time to create our own DIY grooming kit? What about those of us who have run a little short on time to holiday shop

    Fear not. We here at Beard King thought of that, and have you covered.

    Welcome to the world of the beard grooming kit

    Which is the Best Beard Grooming Kit?

    We’ve got lots of options for all kinds of beard lovers and growers out there - here are the best men’s grooming kits in our lineup that will have your facial haired friend in a frenzy:

    For The Busy Beardo On The Go: The Royal Traveler Gift Set

    This is for the man who needs to look his best, whether he’s on the plane to the next meeting or on the beach waiting for his next margarita. It comes with a beard bib, beard wash, and an ultra-stylish carrying case that fits in any carryon. Fresh facial fur without the fuss! 

    For the Beginning Beard Grower: The Dapper Duke Gift Set

    Growing a magnificent beard doesn’t happen overnight - it takes the right amount of practice, and more importantly, the right tools. That’s why this gift set is perfect for beginners: it includes a deluxe beard bib, beard wash, a beard comb, and a premium beard straightening brush to keep him looking suave and chic.

    For the Tremendous Trimmer: The Noble Trim Gift Set

    Know a guy could use a trim? This is the kit for them. Whether they’re looking a little scruffy or known for the perfect beard line, they’ll find what they need here! This kit includes a deluxe beard bib, beard wash, and a cordless hair trimmer kit that is easy to take on the go for beard emergencies. 

    Santa Claus sliding in a sled bearing gifts

    Final Thoughts

    Holiday hopping for the bearded men in our lives hasn’t always been easy...but it is now. Beard culture is a vastly expanding market, so why not get ahead of the game? I’ve listed some of the best gifts for men with beards here - but if you’re still looking, or maybe curious for what else we’ve got to offer, check out our website

    Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor

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