Are Beards Just a Trend?

If you were to listen to the so-called “style experts” out there, the “beard trend” is done. Over. It had its time but all things must come to an end. Thankfully, here at BEARD KING we don’t always listen to what the “experts” have to say.

Beards are here to stay, and there doesn’t appear to be any indication that the trend is going away anytime soon. GenX and younger millennial men are embracing their facial hair and the nearly limitless possibilities it presents to convey their style and personality.

In recent years, there’s been a rise of male beard grooming products and services made available. Brushes, combs, oils, the list goes on. More men are taking the opportunity to grow out their facial hair. What’s more, they’re taking better care of it.


Google Agrees

We at BEARD KING know that worldwide interest in beard styles is on the rise and the almighty Google knows it too. Over the past 5 years, searches for the topic have more than tripled in popularity.



Why Beards are Here to Stay

Social movements such as “No Shave November” have helped fuel the practice of wearing a beard. Many men take part in the annual event aimed at raising cancer awareness, only to find that they rather enjoy their beard. No Shave November turns into No Shave Never.

The growing market for men’s beard care products is now a multi-billion-dollar industry and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, more products are coming out each year. It’s even given rise to a number of home enthusiasts who enjoy making their own.

It also helps when prominent celebrities such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and David Beckham jump on the bandwagon. These celebs are just a few of the many public figures who can be counted on to rock a beard at one time or another.  


Face It: The Beard Isn't Gong Anywhere, But Growing Everywhere!

It’s time everyone embraced what we at BEARD KING have known for quite some time. The beard is here to stay. While trends come and go, and the popularity of any fashion statement will ebb and flow; beards aren’t going anywhere.

In fact, we expect 2017 to usher in a new era of the beard. Do not be surprised if you see more trends within the beard industry going forward.




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