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6 Easy Ways to Groom Your Beard With Low Effort, Maximum Reward

6 Easy Ways to Groom Your Beard With Low Effort, Maximum Reward

Are you that former baby-faced high school kid living out big dreams of growing out the best bro beard? Do you look at ZZ Top or David Beckham and say, “Hmm, I wouldn’t mind looking that good”? Whether you’ve been bearded for a while or you’re new to the facial hair scene, you know that there are few things more satisfying than rocking a quality beard. And really, it doesn’t matter what kind of facial hair you rock (or want to rock), there are a ton of good reasons to keep it freshly groomed and maintained.

Let’s face it, beards can be a lot of work. But you already know that because you’re reading this, and hopefully you’re past that itchy stubble, early patchy period (if you’re not, keep reading – there’s hope on the horizon! Good beard care is just as important for your future beard goals). The reality is that with the proper grooming – dare we say, self care –whether you’re the newbie beard-y or a bearded aficionado, there are steps you can take to keep that fluffy face fuzz looking fly for the club, or the couch, or wherever you chill. 


1. Wash your beard thoroughly 

This part shouldn’t be a huge mystery. If your beard is left unmanaged, it’s gonna be a filth trap. Yesterday’s cheeto dust didn’t magically disappear. It’s in there. That foamy IPA from last night? It’s in there, too. If you’re like “but that’s cool, I’m a funky dude,” well okay, that’s fine, no judgement here, but just know it’s not only about the smelling so fresh and so clean part. 

2. No really, wash your beard 

Ready to be grossed out? Ungroomed beards can be breeding grounds for some infectious bacteria, including staph and strep. Typically though, a dirty beard can definitely cause big time skin irritation and acne. So, if washing your beard is not important to you from a funk perspective, make it a health thing. After all, a visit to the dermatologist is no fun, especially because you’re going to have to fess up that you couldn’t bother washing your beard? Come on, man. 

Bottom line: it’s your face, and a clean beard helps keep your skin less irritated, smoother, and all around healthier.  We recommend washing with a beard shampoo, preferably one that has a good moisturizer in it, to add in some nutrients and soften up those whiskers. And since you probably have one of those 5-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash/toothpaste/deodorant cleansers for the rest of your body, we’re confident you can splurge a little on something that keeps your beard looking fresh and mighty. 

Pro tip: a good wash three times a week with a beard shampoo will make a noticeable difference in reducing itch and increasing softness. 

3. Oil your beard after showering 

Sore beard syndrome (SBS). Is that a thing? We might have made up the term, but we didn’t make up the experience. SBS occurs when the skin under your beard becomes  dry and irritated, sometimes even resulting in folliculitis – which is the fancy term for when your hair follicles get inflamed and you want to scratch your entire face off

Beard acne, brittle hair, built-up oil and beard dandruff (a.k.a. “beardruff”) is no joke, but luckily, using beard oil can help with that. Investing in a decent beard oil matters, so make sure you’re using an oil specially formulated for beards – one that includes essential nutrients and vitamins like hemp, grapeseed, and Vitamin E. The right beard oil will leave your face and hair feeling rehydrated in no time, so you can keep growing out your yeard (a year-long beard, obviously) in peace. 



Young man trimming his beard

4. Brush that beard 

You don’t have to be the douchey guy who whips out his comb at the local bar (in fact, we’re asking you to please not be that dude), but you should know that brushing your beard matters. Conveniently, nearly any beard brush you can buy works with any style of beard, as they’re all designed to work with a range of textures and thickness. It’s not like picking out the perfect beer; it’s way easier. 

Bonus round: remember those super important nutrients we mentioned earlier? Brushing your beard can stimulate the production of  those nutrients and natural oils that can actually help with beard growth, in addition to keeping your beard smooth, knot-free, and moisturized. As a bonus, it helps with skin breathability, which can be especially nice in the summer months or warmer weather states. 

Simply rub a few drops of beard oil and get to brushing. 

5. Keep it trimmed 

You’re a big boy (or girl), so we aren’t going to explain how to trim your beard; just know that a regular trim is a critical step in your grooming process. 

Do a quick trim on your beard every couple of weeks (or sooner depending on your style) to help your beard keep its shape  and to avoid beard patchiness. It’s also worth mentioning that your mustache may grow way faster (or at least that’s what Ron Burgundy told me), so you may need to trim that more often to maintain uniformity

6. Buy a grooming bib (to save you trouble and your relationship) 

Bad news, you’re gonna make a total mess while grooming. Your facial hair has an incredible talent of going, well, everywhere any time you trim it. But, since no one wants to walk into your bathroom and have it look like you just shaved a stray cat, we recommend something to hide the mess and keep space looking fresh. 

A fun product we recommend is the Beard King Beard Bib. It literally catches all the clippings from your beard care routine so that you can throw them away immediately without it looking like a sasquatch just shaved its entire body in your bathroom. It’s one of those Shark Tank products that a lot of people buy as a gift, then suddenly realize is actually useful. Not to mention that it’s one less thing making your bathroom look disgusting (but also, dude, clean your bathroom). .

A lot of care goes into maintaining a beard, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to get a nice, clean, sharp looking beard. Here are a few takeaways for keeping your beard super fresh and fly.

  • Unwashed beards can give you serious skin irritation.
  • Wash that beard well and invest in shampoo made for beards. 
  • Don’t just wash your beard. Moisturize it with beard oil to avoid beard acne, brittle hair and beard dandruff.
  • Combing or brushing your beard can help with beard breathability.
  • Brushing your beard stimulates blood flow and releases nutrients and natural oils that can boost your beard growth.

Keep your beard trimmed, and invest in a grooming bib, like a Beard King.


Contributing Writer: Britney Jackson

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