Beard King says "Fear the Beard, Not the Mess™".


Do you fear the task of cleaning up the mess after grooming your facial hair? For men with a beard, mustache, sideburns or any hair on their head all have one problem in common, grooming facial hair can be a very messy task.  Since bathroom mirrors are most often used to trim facial hair, by default the sink becomes the facial hair clippings catcher. Fear no more, Beard Bib™ by BEARD KING™ is the only men's grooming tool that guarantees a mess free trim.



How it Works?

The invention provides a useful apparatus during one’s normal grooming regimen. Providing a mess free way to groom while catching facial hair clippings by covering the entire drop zone surface area and allows for easy disposal of the hair clippings.  In other words, the Beard Bib eliminates the need for tedious cleanup after grooming facial hair. 


We expect to launch the Beard Bib this October, 10th 2014. 

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